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Poor English

I’m sorry but I couldn’t spare enough time to write English article. Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult to think and express in English for me, however, I know I cannot quit.
Today, I would like to introduce a funny story on which I read in the paper, regarding a Japanese guy with poor English:
He is a government official who has been appointed as a staff of the United Nations. But, he is not confident at all about his English skills, and he decided to apply a rule: in order to deliver his opinion in the meetings, say simply “Yes” or “No”.
He kept this rule strictly to carry off the difficult discussions, and 3 years passed by: it is time to back to Tokyo.
He was very happy to escape English, but his boss in UN called him to say:
“It is for the first time to meet a Japanese person who express his own opinion very clearly, which is most appreciated in our organization. Now, it would be grateful if you could extend your post 3 years more…”
He smiled at his boss, but his answer was very clear and simple, as usual,

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Weblog in English

Today, I decided to post articles on this blog in English on irregular basis.
Why? Because, it is very important to maintain and develop my own English skill, as long as my “tragic” poor vocabulary sometimes prevents smoother communications with English speakers.
Obviously, it is quite embarrassing to publish my sentences far from smart. However, I know every failure could be a stepping stone to success.
At any rate, any comments and suggestions are welcomed, of course.
Short columns or something like a diary will be brought to you shortly.

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